Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP)

Last updated Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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**Although county-level return on investment analyses led NFP not to pursue PFS projects in San Francisco, Sonoma, and Orange counties, the organization continues to explore the viability of scaling NFP through alternative, outcomes-oriented models.

NFP is an evidence-based program that supports first-time mothers living in poverty by pairing them with a nurse who provides home visits from early in pregnancy until the child’s second birthday. The goal of the program is to improve pregnancy outcomes, child health and development, and life course development for the clients and their families. Drawing upon over a decade of field implementation and a national presence, NFP has demonstrated the ability to achieve improved pregnancy, child health and development, and family self-sufficiency outcomes, as well as significant government savings by supporting parents’ instincts to protect their children. To date, NFP has convened Bay Area Department of Public Health agencies that implement NFP to discuss the NFP PFS opportunity, met with the San Francisco Mayor's Office to explore a NFP PFS project, and commissioned Dr. Ted Miller of the Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation to calculate NFP's county-level return on investment in San Francisco, Sonoma and Orange counties.